How to Fill Empty Space in Gift Box

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Although its importance varies from person to person, the gift has an important place in all societies. Preparing a gift is a pleasure, especially for people we value and want to make happy. Gifts are prepared with great care. It is not only important to choose a gift, but how we give it to the other party should be cared for. 

However, things may not always go well. The box you choose carefully may be too big for your gift, and you are looking for a way to make it more elegant. In this case, the space inside the box must be filled stylishly. Let’s see how to fill an empty space in a gift box.

How to Fill Empty Space in Gift Box

There are many options for those who want to fill the gift box. The most popular choice will be the shredded paper fillers. It is possible to find them in different stores with various color options. This way, you can choose any color that suits your gift box or that you like. It is also possible to find eco-friendly shredded papers. These will be a better choice for our world. 

You can put other small items instead of paper fillers or together with paper fillers. These can be some types of foods. So like what? For example, chocolates can be great. These must be packaged so that they do not spoil the gift. You can find chocolates in different shapes and packaging. You can buy heart-shaped chocolates for valentine’s day.

In addition, you can choose different items according to the taste of the person you are gifting. You can put whole coffee beans in the gift package of someone who grinds their coffee. In the same way, you can surprise the person you give a gift to by filling the gift box with popcorn. Moreover, you can buy different snacks that the person likes. It will be a very considerate choice. 

Gift Box Filler Ideas

We mentioned that food could be used inside the gift box. Apart from these, some decorative fillers are specially produced to fill boxes. Their size and thickness may vary. They can be sold in one color or as a combination of different shades of one color. How much filler you need will vary depending on the size of your box and your gift.

You don’t have to buy them, in fact, you can easily make them yourself. If you use paper filler with small items such as chocolate, it would be better not to put too much paper filler. You can place a small number of shredded paper fillers at the bottom of the box. So chocolates or other small items that you put inside the box won’t be lost among the fillers.

There are also decorative foams. These are also sold in different shapes and colors. The most popular ones are round and heart-shaped foams. Their sizes also vary. There are small and large sizes of these foams. These are extremely useful and stylish. If you want it to be a little different and you don’t want to use box fillers that everyone uses, you can also use ribbons.

You can cut ribbons into small sizes and place them inside the box. There are also large and stylish ribbons. You don’t have to use so many ribbons if they are large. They will take up a lot of space anyway. Moreover, you can also use popcorn since they look like foam and will be very useful while filling the box.

It is a very original idea. Of course, you should be careful about putting popcorn to fill your gift box. Since popcorn is oily, it can cause stains in cardboard boxes. It will be better to use it in plastic gift boxes. Finally, you can use rose petals to fill the gift box. Other flowers with broad leaves, such as roses, can also be used. 

Gift Basket Filler Ideas

How to Fill Empty Space in Gift Box, elegant

A gift basket is a little different from a gift box since it has an open structure, and the contents can be seen directly. So you have to work a little harder to make it look stylish. However, since there will be more than one thing in the gift basket, it is mostly full, and there is no empty space. In this respect, we can say that basket fillers are mostly used for decorative purposes. 

You can put paper fillers at the bottom of the basket as in the gift box. How many paper fillers you will need will change according to the depth of the basket and the things you will put in. Paper fillers will lift up your gifts. If you have a deep basket, but your gifts are small, you can highlight them this way. 

You can also put a cloth napkin at the bottom of the basket for a better look. It may hang out of the basket stylishly. However, it will not be suitable for very deep baskets. You can also use flowers, leaves, or flower petals. All of them will look so elegant inside the gift basket. 

Sometimes plain paper is also used. Papers of different colors are crumpled and placed at the bottom of the basket, and gifts are placed on it. Other decorative objects also will be good—for example, a pine cone. If you hand over the basket right away, you can also put fruit in it, such as grapes. 

Foams can be used too, but if the basket is not deep enough, it may fly through it. Most people wrap the basket with wrapping. This way, the foams will remain stable. Transparent wrappings are better since the inside of the basket can be seen. Of course, you can also choose different wrapping if you want. Finally, you can tie the wrapping with ribbon.


There is nothing more enjoyable than making our loved ones happy. Surprising them with the gift they have wanted for a long time is priceless. But it is also important how to give your gift. In this article, we have given some ideas for making a nice gift box and filling the empty spaces in the gift box.

Paper fillers and foams are the most popular two items for filling a gift box. Some foods, such as chocolate, will also make sense if you want something more special. Apart from this, decorative items such as rose petals, leaves, or cones can also be placed inside. You can prepare the best gift box by using our ideas.

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